Annual Perryman’s Christmas BBQ Has Raised €4,325

Every year around Christmas, when the snow starts falling (or not) and the barrels of mulled wine are brought up from the cellar, a group of people gathers in Munich, Germany, for a night of laughing, singing and, most importantly, collecting money for charity.

What started out as our family having a few friends over for a Christmas BBQ in the 1990s, has since developed into a much awaited event every festive season. It’s still always a BBQ; there are sausages in bread rolls with Ainsley’s BBQ sauce and fried onions to eat, nothing more and nothing less, and of course a big pot of “Feuerzangenbowle”, Germany’s famous punch.

To keep things merry, we amuse ourselves by singing Christmas carols, both German and English, and in the case of Silent Night, also in French, Spanish, Catalan, Gaelic and even Hawaiian.

In 2008 we had the idea to collect money for charity, which resulted in us “charging” each (adult) guest 10 euros in exchange for food, drink and lots of fun. The full sum was then donated to Antenne Bayern.

Two years later, our friend Virginia Newton told us about Global H2O and the first donation was made by the “Steiermarkstrasse Carol Singers” as we were then known.

Ever since then our family and our guests have been happy to donate each year’s proceedings to this excellent charity. Everyone is always very interested when we explain what we do and show them the pictures of Global H2O’s work. Of course the fact that we know exactly where the money goes is also a huge bonus point.

After a few years we moved to a new house but we still kept on caroling and collecting each year, raising more and more. Some new sponsors came on board, for example the local butcher who first donated a very generous sum by hiding an envelope in amongst the sausages.

So far, over the last six years, we have managed to raise 4,325 euros for Global H2O, and we are determined to continue this fun and worthwhile way of collecting money for the foreseeable future.

We have even managed to become international, with a couple of our guests joining us via Skype from Australia in past two years and paying their donation by bank transfer. All of our guests are always very generous, and we couldn’t do it without them. Of course the wine and beer helps a little as well, wink wink.

So even though some things about one of our favorite Christmas time traditions may have changed over the years (for example, the singing has moved inside as some of us need more light and warmth than they used to in younger years and we now have piano accompaniment from our good friend Klaus), the most important part has always stayed the same: Gathering with friends and family on a cold evening in December, eating and drinking good things, singing until our throats hurt and, in the process, collecting some money so that somewhere, in another part of the world, others might also enjoy the simple but sadly not always granted pleasure of sharing a clean and healthy drink.

We would like to thank Global H2O for the work they do and for allowing us to help with that work, so that our hearts might shine a little brighter and feel a little warmer as we seek that true happiness of humanity, found not only at Christmas, but every time of the year: The joy of helping each other.

Story written by Jenny Perryman

Jammin’ 4 Water Donates $20,000

Last night our co-founder Chris Wooten was on hand to pick up this BIG donation from the Jammin4Water fundraising event in New Orleans! This donation will provide two wells and a latrine at both wells for the people in Northern Uganda. We would like to thank David Kinnear for creating such a great event that raises so much money. Also want to thank the J4W board members, the volunteers, the sponsors, the musicians and the 850 people who showed up last night. #cleanwater #uganda #globalh2o #jammin4water #weftec

Learn more about the Jammin’ 4 Water

Join Us in Munich for our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Once again, the Global H2O community in Germany is coming together in Munich to celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving Holiday — and raise enough money to build a well in Africa.  Every year our fundraising dinner raises enough money to provide clean drinking water for about 2,000 villagers in Africa!

Our sponsor, Tantris Restaurant, is Germany’s premiere gourmet restaurant and its Michelin star chef, Hans Haas, knows a thing or two about American recipes.  For Thanksgiving, he is planning an exquisite meal that combines the best of classical Thanksgiving home cooking with his selection of the finest succulent turkey and trimmings. Justin Leone, Tantris’ American sommelier, is pairing a selection of fine red and white wines from Tantris’ own vineyards to bring out the best in this family-style meal.

This year we are looking forward to our musical guest, the 7-voice acapella group Bar Nineteen, who will perform for us throughout the evening, from Glühwein to dessert.

So bring your family and friends, co-workers and neighbors to our Global H2O Thanksgiving Dinner November 24th for an unforgettable evening of holiday socialising and fine dining. Help Global H2O fulfill our mission of making the world a little better… one well at a time.

Click to purchase your tickets now.

2015 Oktoberfest Fundraiser in Raleigh Raises Over $7000


This annual fundraiser has been a big hit in the Raleigh area through the hard work of Carolyn Nickols Wilde Simons, Dave Simons and a big cast of volunteers. We would like to thank all of the companies that donated, all the people that came to the event and of course everyone that helped out. We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did and look forward to having it again next year.